I was raised and baptized a Presbyterian in Boise, Idaho, and while resolutely agnostic, I believe everyone else's religiosity and spirituality are inviolably and invariably correct.  My soul is destined to end up in your hell, purgatory, jahannam, naraka, sheol, uffern, metnal, aralu, peklo, hades, o le nu'u-o-nonoa, kalichi, gimokadan, andlivu, hetgwauge, di-yu, outer darkness, and cosmic nothingness.  Truly, I am fine with being left behind, and so do not pray for me, at least for my sake. 

Below, however, is a listing of more humanly spirits, quite divine on their own terms.

Cyd Charisse

"That Cyd — when you've danced with her, you stay danced with."
--Fred Astaire

Walt Whitman

Gloria Swanson

Matthew Barney