Below are links to poems published on the web.

Here's "Dance of the Polyglot," a video poem published by Belletrist Coterie:

Three Dress Poems in Babel Fruit.

"Postcard II:  Palmetto and Pine" in storySouth.

"How the Trouble Starts" in MiPo.

"Upon Hearing that my Grant Application . . ." in Caffeine Destiny (the poem below, with nearly the same title, is written by Denise Duhamel). 

"A Little Gershwin" and "Christmas Eve" in Southern Ocean Review.

"The End of the Age of Irony" in Poets Against the War.

"Prescribed Burn" in storySouth.

"When Loss Attends Passion" in Red Booth Review.

"Florida, at the End of Time" in Red Booth Review.

"The Pope Arrives in Denver" in Red Booth Review.

"Traces" and "Residual Boy" in Kimera.

"Vacationland II" in Sunspinner.

"Hurricane, North Dakota" in Caffeine Destiny.

"Sun Valley Serenade" and "Her Silvermoon Cafe" in MiPo.

Selections from nearly Florida.

Selections from Pictures That Got Small.

Selections from Gods & Money.