30 April 2010

A New Blog

Essentially had retired my previous blog, Pictures That Got Small, as it had its hey-day about five years ago, and so it's time to start a different blogging enterprise in a new place.  Gods & Money takes its title from my forthcoming book, and here, other than selling my books and other projects, I hope to spend a little bandwidth contemplating beauty, whether sublime or crass, ethereal or commercial.  And of money, well, it has its own power and I'll be writing about that more often than I would like.

Over the next few weeks, I'll most likely post on my work in performance arts over the last couple of years, offer some reviews of recent books of poetry, worry over the disaster taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, and express bemusement over the politics of Florida, where I live and work.

In the meantime, as always, Happy Trails!


  1. I dig it, Dr. B. Glad to see you're blogging again!

    - Allison

  2. It's nice to read you in blog again. (And thank you, thank you for the Big Tent link!)