03 May 2010

Angels of the Arts Tonight

One of my favorite local arts events, supported by my absolutely favorite local arts organization, is happening tonight.  It's the annual Angel of the Arts Awards dinner, sponsored by the Alliance for the Arts, led by the amazing Lydia Black (she's my Angel of the Arts for Lee County). 

The format basically follows the Academy Awards, with a handsome statuette, winner's envelopes, and nominees, all dressed up splendidly, and even funkily, as much as that's possible in Fort Myers.  Categories include best artist, best performing artist, best new artist, best literary artist, lifetime achievement, and the like.  About a dozen folks I know are in the running:  Stuart Brown, Jesse Millner, Phil Heubeck, Tricia Fey, Marcus Jansen, Julia Gerow-Griffin, Barry Cavin, Anica Sturdivant, among others.   I'm looking forward to attending, enjoying this wonderful and happy celebration.

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