25 October 2012

Beauty Must Be Broken Daily

That's going to be the title of my next play, but I'm not sure if I should even call it a play.  Anyway, the title is lifted from Virginia Woolf, and the full quote is "But beauty must be broken daily to remain beautiful," and it's from her novel, The Waves.

Borrowing from Woolf, not just the quote, I want to make something deeply recursive (not repetitive), and I already have something of a triggering image to assemble and disassemble.  It's at the stage now that the ideas are just beginning to percolate, small pops to the surface, and I'm just wanting to dive in, to explore, but then there's the papers and narratives to grade, the silly committee meeting I'm having to attend tomorrow, two plays I'll be seeing this weekend. 

Ah, the poetry thing, when I just needed a two-hour slip of time over the weekend to build something, no matter how poorly designed, that could be attended later on, in equally limited snippets and pockets of time.  But actually, the play is no more complicated, just longer, and I'll be getting to it, soon.

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