15 October 2012

Pumpkin Grower I

First, some images (these aren't the official photo shoot images, but ones taken by Phil Heubeck during the photo shoot) and videos.

Dana Lynn Frantz and Dayanira Lopez as the Legelian Nymphs
Hairstyle done by Katelyn Gravel

Jake Scott-Hodes as Caunus
He's reading his letter to Byblis in the pumpkin patch

Dayanira Lopez as Ellie, Me as Venus, Dana Lynn Frantz as Rachel
Venus is schooling the nymphs on how to shake the bees
The dress, yes, the dress, a wonderful midnight velor and satin opera length gloves.

Rachel Bennett as Byblis
Byblis is composing her letter beneath the sad melaleuca tree

Jonathan Lawrence as the Violinist
J-Law playing the violin

And some behind the scenes video I captured.

And the official trailer for the play. 
The background music/soundscape was created by Phil Heubeck for the play.

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