11 October 2012

Let's Get the Party (re)Started!

Time to get back to posting, bloglanders.

I see that I have more than a little updating to do on my blog, and so I'll be attending to this and that, but I'll start posting again, talking about writing, theater, performance, poetry, and delights I encounter.

I'd just like to report that I have indeed followed through on my retirement from the Po-biz.  Other than a set of three poems I sent in response to a solicitation (which were accepted at Belletrist Coterie for their first issue), I have not participated in any publishing activities for my poems.  I have written the occasional occasion poem for a birthday or for a gift, and I have written and performed poetry to accompany visual art and dance for ArtPoems, but I have pretty successfully checked out of the po-biz, and none worse for the wear.

I should say that I'm still a big reader and lover of poetry, and I'm really proud of seeing so many of my poet friends having really good years.  It's deeply gratifying seeing the work of talented artists being rightly recognized and rewarded.  I'll continue to give some space here celebrating the poets who delight me.

Now, I have been writing a good deal, especially performance pieces that are very much like poetry if they were just left to the page.  And some of it I'm rather proud of, the latest being The Pumpkin Grower, a play which was produced by Ghostbird Theatre Company at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center the last week of this September.  I'll be devoting two or three more posts to discuss that experience in particular.

Anyway, I'll just post this for now, leaving you with a promise to post more along the way.

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